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Personal Shopper Service in Tokyo

Although shopping is one of the excitement while your visit, shopping in Japan yourself could take much more time than you could imagine.
​Tokyo is one of the most crowded and busiest cities on the Planet!
​Unfortunately, there are still very few English speaking clerks that could completely understand  your wants and needs while you shop, which can drag and eat up your precious time here in Tokyo Area.

I just don't want you to miss more funs!

There's a lot of places you can go sightseeing, unique entertainments and spots to enjoy.

 You can't also miss various Japanese foods you have in mind.

I can also assist you select  perfect souvenirs and /or gifts for your families and friends.

Shopping Areas:   Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku     Near by Area: Yokohama
Meeting up!
If you're used to Tokyo, we can meet up at the nearest place deciding from our plan to save even more time.
​But of course, I am more than happy to meet you up at your hotel lobby if you are concerned about travel and transportation in Tokyo.
¥45000 / 3.5 hours; maximum of 2 people.
¥6000 / 30 min. extended minutes.
* I will await your approval prior to any additional cost incur.
​If we agree to proceed our business, please make your payment through PayPal.  
I will start researching after your payment has been confirmed via PayPal.
Ask me!
Just fill in the Inquiry Form for any requests or questions. Tell me your name, desired shopping date(s),
shops or designers you are interested.  Also, tell me your shopping budget.
Let's come up with a great plan together!  Tailored for you!

​Don't Use Up Your Precious Time Just on Shopping!

​Plan Your Shopping Ahead!

​Shopping Process and Fee

​I strongly recommend we start making your shopping plan together prior to your visit!
Depending on your shopping request and within your budget, I will come up with a shopping plan and can also give you advice as a professional personal stylist.
​I can prearrange your shopping plan for you!
Feel free to contact me few days or even weeks prior your visit.  
I can research and might even visit the shop in advance to come up with much more efficient shopping plan for you.

​Famous Shibuya Crossing

Thank you very much for your interest!  

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon and hope to be a service of you here in Tokyo area!


​In the Heart of Ginza

​Nightscape of Shibuya

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